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Tuesday, 20/08/19
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Comprar lotería de navidad online
Buy Christmas lottery online
Choose your favorite number and buy your tenth of Christmas Lottery from your home with secure payment gateway. Official distributor of State Lotteries and Betting based in Asturias.
The Super Monday of the BONOLOTO
New game in the professional group of Bonoloto. The Super Lunes de la BONOLOTO.
Impuestos Lotería
Taxes Lottery: what percentage remains Treasury of each prize?
How much will you have to pay to the Treasury if the lottery touches you? We explain how the tax system works and solve all your doubts.
Sorteo Extraordinario de Vacaciones - Loterías y Apuestas del Estado
Extraordinary Vacation Lottery
Every year, Lotteries and Bets celebrates the summer arrival with the "Gordo del Verano". Discover the awards and get your tenth from our website.
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To improve the possibilities of reward it is advisable to use our reduced systems. With these systems you will optimize your combinations and you will have good guarantees of prizes in both LOTO games and SPORTS BETS.
You can obtain more information about our reduced systems in the following links:

Reducciones Récord de la Quiniela

Sistemas Reducidos de la Primitiva

Sistemas Reducidos de la Bonoloto 

Sistemas Reducidos del Gordo de la Primitiva

Sistemas Reducidos de Euromillones

Also, if you want to make more advanced combinations, you can download our free software: Quiniwin, Multiredloto, Redeuro, Redgordo y Redquinigol

Loterias y Apuestas del Estado

History of our games


La Primitiva

This lottery was proposed by Don Leopoldo de Gregorio, Minister of Finance, better known as Marqués de Esquilache and created during the government of Carlos III.

La Quiniela

According to SELAE the pools are born on September 22, 1942, based on the sports betting of the Spanish soccer league. Another version says that the origin of the pool dates back to 1929 and it was in Santander where it was born by the hand of its creator Manuel González Lavín, who ran a tavern in Calle Alta nº22.


This draw was born on February 13, 2004. That was the year in which the first draw was held. Where Spain, France and the United Kingdom participated, which were the first countries that dared to start it.


Back in 1988, on February 28, BonoLoto was born. It takes 29 years for all of us to be the lottery with the most weekly raffles, the cheapest and the most likely to win the first prize.

El Gordo de la Primitiva

It emerged in 1993 as one of the modalities of primitive. It is played every Sunday, but at the beginning it was only played on the last Sunday of every month and the tickets came pre-printed as the National Lottery tenths.

El Quinigol

The Quinigol arrived in 2005 as the new sports bet of the 21st century. However, if we look back we can see that its origins come from La Quiniela, since it was in the beginning to forecast the results based on the goals of the teams that played each game.
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